Hotel Lobby Bar Tour Options

Option 1
The High Roller Tour

Option 2
The Player Tour

Coming Soon!
The Super Special Bar Tour

Optional Liquor Package

There are 2 liquor package options, choose 1.  The liquor is included in the price and it’s yours to keep, at the end of the night.

Option: 1 bottle of Grey Goose, Jack Daniels & Wine

Option 2 : 1 bottle of Kettle One, Captain Morgan & Wine

Mixers will be provided...

The total price is $875 . The Liquor is included with the price and also the driver tip is INCLUDED. This is an all inclusive price. Pickup between 7-8, plan to spend about 1 hour at each hotel with 15 min travel between them all. Tour ends between 1 – 1:30 AM plan to be dropped off back at home/ hotel 1:30 – 2:00 AM.

Helpful hints to make your trip more enjoyable!

1.  The entire tour is about 7 hours. Plan to be at each lobby bar about an hour (4 hotels so 4 hours)  with 15 minutes between hotels.

That will give you about an hour to pick up all guests and get to the first hotel and an hour to drop off.

2.  Remember that the times are not exact.  Try to have your pick ups close so time is not wasted.

3.  You can decide at any time to head to the next hotel or stay longer at any hotel, its up to you.

4.  The limo fits 8 adults but 6 is a much more comfortable.

5.  Bring your favorite music as the system is bluetooth and is completely upgraded to rock!

6.  There is one IPhone charger in the limo.

Contact information

  • Smith Tower – 105 E Galena blvd, 3rd floor
    Aurora IL 60505
  • Phone: 310-989-7992
  • Email:

What our customers say...

We had a great time with this tour and it's a very unique idea. I highly recommended it!
Adam. R